2 Ways Of Reducing High Blood Pressure Quickly


2 Ways Of Reducing High Blood Pressure Quickly

When you’re looking for ways of reducing high blood pressure, do consider one of the primary ways that it is done in Europe. That’s with artichoke herb.

Artichoke herb is more than just a pretty plant with an amazingly beautiful purple flower that the bees love. It’s an herb that cleanses the liver.

The Connection Between Your Liver and High Blood Pressure

You may be wondering what cleansing the liver has to do with your blood pressure. The answer is a lot!

As the body’s filtration system, your liver breaks down proteins into amino acids and then synthesizes new proteins. It breaks down hormones into smaller fragments that may be used again to build new hormone molecules. It identifies what nutrients you need from food and throws away all the chemicals and preservatives that are found in that food.

The connection between your blood pressure and your liver is quite interesting. If you had high blood pressure and then contracted hepatitis, your high blood pressure would be cured in a matter of weeks. As the liver shuts down, the blood pressure drops. This was something that doctors reported back in the 1940s.

A 2005 study linked the liver enzyme GGT with not only high blood pressure, but also larger amounts of abdominal fat. The University of Buffalo researchers found that high levels of GGT were a good predictor for who would end up with high blood pressure.

But the fact that you know this doesn’t help you reduce blood pressure, does it? No, not at all.

How Herbs For The Liver Work

For centuries, herbalists and shamans have been using liver-cleansing herbs to bring down the blood pressure and raise it if it’s too low. Interestingly, herbs don’t work in only one direction much of the time. An herb that helps cleanse and support the liver will cleanse and support the cells of the liver whether there’s hepatitis, high blood pressure, PMS, fatty liver, or other conditions that affect this organ.

This is a conundrum to medical doctors but not to alternative health practitioners. In fact, it saves those learning about alternative health and natural healing a lot of study time! Thus, artichoke is used to lower blood pressure. The dosage is generally two capsules twice daily taken for a period of time of one to three months.

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