3 Important Tips On How To Lose Cellulite Naturally


3 Important Tips On How To Lose Cellulite Naturally

Cellulite makes the skin look dimpled and can cause you to want to cover your body and avoid activities like swimming or going to the beach.

It is a common problem. According to a 2010 Fitness Magazine article, around 90% of women experience the problem of cellulite. In fact, it is a condition that mainly affects women.

Cellulite is composed of water, toxins and fatty tissue cells that build up under layers of skin. These tissue cells then cause pressure on the connective tissues of muscles and make the skin appear with that distinct orange-peel like appearance. In women, the structure of the connective tissue is vertical, but in men, the collagen tissue is angled, which reduces the likelihood of fat cells pushing through and causing the appearance of cellulite.

The main causes of cellulite are lack of exercise, bad eating habits and problems in circulation. Thus, if you wish to learn how to lose cellulite, it makes sense to realize that the best way to lose cellulite is by correcting these three problems.


The first tip on how to lose cellulite is to exercise. It is important to increase exercise in order to lose cellulite. According to a Natural Herbal Remedies article published in 2012, there is nothing better than doing cardio exercise, since this will also help improve your circulation. Add aerobics or yoga to your weekly routine.

According to health expert Frank Rossi writing in 2009, you need to also build up strength to tone cellulite away. The most important thing to remember is to gradually increase the amount of exercise you do to ensure you stay focused and also to make sure you don’t burn yourself out. It is important to focus on the thigh, leg and buttock areas of your body because these tend to have cellulite more than other areas.

Increasing circulation

The next tip on how to lose cellulite is to boost your circulation. Exercise is one step in helping you improve your circulation, but you can do more.

You can do this by brushing and exfoliating your skin daily. Take some natural coarse minerals and get yourself a cellulite brush or glove, which can be found in many natural health shops or bought online, and rub your skin gently every day. According to a Natural Herbal Remedies article, this will stimulate your circulation, as well as help to remove dead skin tissue.

You should also try a reverse heat trick during your daily shower. Towards the end of your shower, turn the temperature to cold. This will wake the lymphatic system up and boost your circulation.

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