3 Potent Athlete’s Foot Cures – Use These Strong Antifungal Remedies


3 Potent Athlete’s Foot Cures – Use These Strong Antifungal Remedies

Despite the name, athlete’s foot doesn’t only affect athletes, but this fungal skin infection can affect people everywhere. The fungus requires warm and moist conditions to survive and can thus often spread in locker rooms and indoor swimming pools.

Athlete’s foot comes with a stinging and itching feeling on the foot and the appearance of cracks and blisters. There are great natural athlete’s foot cures that you could consider using.

Tea tree oil as athlete’s foot cure

A very common and effective remedy for athlete’s foot is to use tea tree oil. A 1992 study published in the Australasian Journal of Dermatology showed a 10% tea tree oil cream to be very effective in treating athlete’s foot. The participants of the study using the cream experienced improvements in inflammation and the burning sensation caused by the fungal infection.

Another more recent study published in the same journal tested tea tree oil treatments using 25% and 50% extracts. This 2002 study found that twice a day usage for four weeks was relatively safe in both cases. Interestingly, the group using the 25% tea tree oil ointment experienced 72% improvement in the condition, while the group using the 50% ointment experienced a 68% improvement.

A Global Healing Center article in 2009 recommends soaking the feet for 10 minutes in warm water with around 40 added drops of tea tree oil extract. You should also massage the oil directly onto your feet a few times a day.

A Readers Digest article also suggests that you should rub the tea tree oil extract together with olive oil to help moisturize the skin and make the absorption of the tea tree oil more effective. Another good moisturizer to mix the extract with is aloe vera oil or gel. Aloe vera has great anti-inflammatory qualities as well and can help the skin to heal quicker.

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