4 Herbs To Use As A Kidney Stones Home Remedy


4 Herbs To Use As A Kidney Stones Home Remedy

Herbs can be an effective part of a kidney stone home remedy treatment plan to prevent kidney stones and hasten their elimination.

Let’s take a look at some of the best.

Joe Pye Weed

Joe Pye weed is a tall weed which grows in wet areas. I have seen it growing in warm and cool climates. It has fluffy silvery mauve flowers. I think it is a terrific plant to keep in the back of a border. The foliage tends to get eaten by insects and is not attractive; however, the flowers are wonderful for fresh and dried arrangements.

That said, Joe Pye weed is an outstanding herb to prevent and relieve kidney stones. It is also known by the name “gravel root” due to its ability to facilitate removal of stones.

In addition to being among the best herbs which remove kidney stones, Joe Pye weed removes excess fluid from the body and prevents cystitis. It is a wonderful tonic for urinary health. Joe Pye weed boosts immune health so that the body is able to heal itself from kidney stones and other assaults on the body.

In addition to removing kidney stones, Joe Pye weed helps to dissolve uric acid crystals which cause gout and arthritic pains. Native Americans used Joe Pye weed to relieve fevers and gallbladder disease.


Did you know that parsley is a remedy for kidney stones? Flat leafed parsley or parsley root are the best types to use; however, if all that you have is curly leafed parsley, it works too. It is not as strong as the other forms, so use a little bit more. I strongly recommend using the fresh plant. You may purchase freeze dried parsley, but since fresh parsley is readily available, I recommend its use.

Parsley has amazing effects on the entire urinary tract. It increases urine production and rids the body of excess fluid. By increasing the urinary flow, kidney stones are flushed out of the body quickly. The diuretic action also helps to reduce high blood pressure. Parsley is packed with vitamins and minerals which help to heal tissues damaged by the kidney stones’ passage.

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