4 Home Remedies For Arthritis That Could Relieve Your Pain


4 Home Remedies For Arthritis That Could Relieve Your Pain

Arthritis is a painful signal of infection, erosion of cartilage, a lack of lubrication in the joints, a sign of autoimmunity (your body attacking itself), or a combination of factors. Therefore, treatments vary by cause, as well as by individual.

There are a number of home remedies for arthritis that can help alleviate symptoms and help you maintain overall wellness.

1. Fluoride-Free Water

Yes, nature’s essential element and life foundation can make a difference. Some 48 million Americans suffer with arthritis, and most don’t drink enough water. It’s extremely important to consume as much water as you can safely drink to help the joints break the burden of the inflammation.

The synovial fluid in the joints depends on water for its fluidity, too. Your joints desperately need water’s lubrication to facilitate movement and mobility. Also, water goes into your cartilage and spinal disks to give them more cushion for movement. Here in the U.S., water is your most accessible remedy of all of the home remedies for arthritis.

Why fluoride-free? According to Paul Beeber, President, New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, “Fluoride at any level accumulates in the body. Even water fluoridation will cause arthritic-like symptoms in susceptible individuals, which is compounded by U.S. physicians and dentists’ lack of training to diagnose fluoride toxicity.”

So check your bottled water and/or get an activated carbon filter that removes fluoride from your water. The standard for adults is 64 ounces of water daily. For arthritis, 80-96 daily ounces is recommended. Grab that water bottle, and don’t let it leave your side.

2. Cold & Heat Packs

Minimizing inflammation and reducing the pain are key goals for home remedies for arthritis. Start with ice packs, as cold applications can help by causing the blood vessels at the arthritic points to constrict.

This prevents further leakage of blood and serum if the pains are new (and exacerbated or relevant to a concurrent injury). It also minimizes the swelling and pain. Expedient pain relief is an additional benefit you get from an ice pack application.

However, note that the ice usually causes temporary stiffness to the local tissues at the point(s) of application. Accordingly, heat applications often are your best ones in the morning, as they relax the muscles around the joints. Follow up at the end of the day with ice applications to minimize the inflammation in response to daily activities. This is one of the home remedies for arthritis that has been used for centuries because it rarely fails to alleviate at least some of the swelling and pain.

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