5 Natural Sunburn Relief Remedies To Sooth Your Painful Skin


5 Natural Sunburn Relief Remedies To Sooth Your Painful Skin

People love the sun. The warm sensation we get when we soak in the sunshine is a lovely feeling, especially if you have just spent a long cold winter wrapped up in clothes.

The tanned bronze skin is sought after throughout the world and there are now even sunbeds for people to keep tanning throughout the year.

Even though most people know about the importance of protecting the skin from excess sunlight by limiting our exposure and by using creams to protect it from sunlight, we still sometimes suffer from sunburn. The good thing is that there are some great natural sunburn relief remedies available for you to try to alleviate the pain and make sure the skin will heal properly.

Ice, baths and cold showers

After you have spent the day in the sunlight or have suffered from a sunburn, the best thing to do straight away is to apply some ice on the burned area to stop the burning process. Another great tip is to take a cold shower or a cold bath. The cold shower will help you to reduce the swelling and also to wash away any salty material, for example sweat, from the body, and this will help with the pain.

It is recommended that you don’t overdo the cold treatment. So stay in the cold shower or bath for just a few minutes and don’t compress ice on the burned area for too long. Best Health Mag also suggests adding oatmeal in the bath to help with the pain and to help soothe the skin. After your shower or bath, tap your water dry; do not rub yourself with towels.

Aloe vera

One of the best sunburn relief remedies is aloe vera. This great nutritious plant has long been used in helping soothe burns. Aloe vera is high in antioxidants that will help your skin to re-grow and it also acts as a great anti-inflammatory agent.

A report published in the International Journal of Pharma Sciences and Research found that the compound acemannan found in aloe vera may be the mineral behind the antiviral and immune-stimulating qualities of aloe vera and sunburn help.

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