A Holistic Psoriasis Home Treatment Plan That Works


A Holistic Psoriasis Home Treatment Plan That Works

Natural remedies provide effective remedies for psoriasis. Home treatments for psoriasis include topical and internal remedies.

Herbs, essential oils and dietary approaches are powerful interventions which reduce scaling, itching and redness. Discomfort and cracking of lesions may be diminished. In many cases, I have seen psoriasis healed by using simple, natural remedies.

Examine your Diet

Psoriasis is often linked to allergies. An elimination or rotation diet may be needed. Common foods which cause flare-ups of psoriasis are gluten rich foods such as wheat. Processed foods are especially problematic as they contain so many additives and preservatives, many of which are known irritants. Dyes and MSG are recognized by many experts to cause worsening of symptoms of many conditions, including psoriasis. White sugar and dairy are problematic for many people.

Eat a diet of whole natural foods. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Raw or lightly cooked foods are beneficial. Obtain most of your protein from vegetable sources. Do include dark cold water oily fish in the diet frequently, however, as they help to regulate prostaglandin production and reduce inflammation. Healthy seafood should be wild ocean caught fish only, as the nutritional and health benefits of farm raised fish do not compare with wild fish. Mackerel, herring, sardines and salmon are excellent

If you do not like fish, include borage, black currant, hemp, or evening primrose supplements in your diet. They are among the most effective treatments for psoriasis. You can even open the capsules and apply the oil externally to lesions as well.

Purify, Cleanse, Relax

Drink plenty of water. The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is responsible for getting toxins out of the body and keeping harmful substances out. Toxins are diluted and removed more efficiently when you are well hydrated.

Herbs which enhance the detoxification processes throughout the body provide many benefits. Though you may see improvement in your skin sooner, the detoxifying herbs reach their optimum effectiveness after about one to two months of regular use.

Burdock is my favorite herb to use for psoriasis. Either take a tincture or have a cup of burdock tea four times daily.

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