Benefits Of Natural Health And Healing


Benefits Of Natural Health And Healing

There are numerous benefits of using natural means to attaining good health, as supposed to turning to unnatural, chemical and/or invasive ways to get rid of disease and discomfort.

This article, which I first wrote and published on another website back in 2008, highlights some of these benefits.

Natural Health Benefits can be reaped by everyone!

The following natural health benefits are ways in which using natural health ideas and natural ways to health is better than following the modern world’s more conventional or common path.

List of Natural Health Benefits

• Natural health modalities effect true healing from within the body. In other words, one is actually cured of one’s disease, and not just have one’s disease managed or controlled. This is way better than having to forever take chemical medications to suppress one’s disease symptoms, deal with pain, or even just to keep one alive.

• By effecting true healing, one does not have to live in constant fear of a recurrence of one’s disease. For example, if you grow a tumor and have it cut off, you will always be wondering if a new tumor is going to surface sometime.

• Natural health modalities usually use a holistic approach and multiple strategies to improve health and combat disease from many different angles. It is a common occurrence that, while embarking on natural ways to health or seeking natural cures for health, one finds that several diseases or conditions are relieved at the same time, and one’s overall health is dramatically improved.

• When multiple strategies and methods are used, there is often synergistic effect, meaning that the overall effectiveness of combining the natural health modalities is higher than the effectiveness of each individual method added up. For example, the effects of many herbs become significantly more powerful when they are used together in an herbal formula or concoction.

• Natural health ideas are often safe and non-toxic, with little or no side effects. On the other hand, many drugs are toxic and harm our bodies in the long run. In the extreme, treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy ravage and destroy one’s immune system.

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