Bursitis Hip Exercises To Overcome Pain Plus Stretch And Strengthen Your Muscles


Bursitis Hip Exercises To Overcome Pain Plus Stretch And Strengthen Your Muscles

Pain and stiffness on your hip area can be caused by trochanteric bursitis. You may even have pain that is radiated from the hip to your knee.

The bursitis hip pain is caused by inflammation in the bursa on your hip. This bursa is a small fluid filled sac that is there to protect your joints. If it gets strained, it can get inflamed.

This is often due to prolonged or continuous movement involving the bursa, such as running or hard pressure caused by hard surfaces. There are good bursitis hip exercises you should do to help out with the pain and strengthen the muscles around it.


The best bursitis hip exercises involve gently stretching the hip and thigh muscles and joints. These will help keep the bursa active so that it doesn’t get too stiff, but they are also very easy on the bursa so as to not strain it any further. It is important that you start stretching immediately, but if it causes you too much pain and makes the situation worse, try something else.

Here is a gluteal stretch recommended by the Physio Advisor:

* Lie on your back.
* Take a hold on your knee and move it towards your opposite shoulder (right leg towards left shoulder and vice versa), move it until you feel a slight stretch on your buttocks or your hip.
* Hold this position for 15 seconds while breathing slowly.
* Repeat the move four times.

Physio Advisor also recommends that you stretch your lower abdomen:

* Lie on your back with your legs bent, knees about 90 degrees.
* While breathing normally, slowly pull your belly button in towards the floor and your knees, “away from your belt line”.
* Remember to keep your rib cage relaxed and your upper body flat on the floor.
* Hold still for a while and repeat a few times.

This is an important bursitis hip exercise as it will help you in the future to prevent you from straining your bursa. This is explained by the Physioroom.com to be because it strengthens the important stabilizing muscles on your lower back that are needed for providing you with great posture.

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