Early Signs Of Cancer You Should Not Ignore


Early Signs Of Cancer You Should Not Ignore

Cancer is an illness with poor prognosis and high fatality. Conventional methods of cancer detection are sometimes inaccurate, or they may flag out abnormalities only at later stages of the condition. In some instances, they can actually increase your risk of cancer itself.

As such, any early signs that one’s body might be succumbing to this life-threatening disease would be very much valuable. They can help save your life, if you take the heed early, seek help from a holistic healer immediately, and make necessary changes to your lifestyle in time.

The following are some important warning signs of cancer that you should never ignore.

Painless lumps on your neck, underarm, or groin

Lumps appearing on the neck, underarm or groin are possibly enlarged lymph nodes. There are two possible explanations for enlarged lymph nodes.

One, it is a sign that your body is fighting an infection, in which case the lump would be sore to touch. The second possibility is that some changes are taking place in your lymphatic system, which is in turn a warning sign of cancer, especially if the lump is painless.

Blood in your stools and urine

Blood in the stools and urine are important signals that something in your body is seriously out of whack.

If you see blood in your stools, whether it is bright red or black in color, you should take the heed that there are problems with your digestive tract. This problem could be cancer, especially when the bleeding is accompanied by poop that appears to be flattened or squashed.

Blood in the urine, especially in the absence of pain when urinating, is a sign of kidney or bladder cancer that doctors look out for.

So if you are experiencing these symptoms, it is important that you seek medical attention immediately.

Unexplained weakness and fatigue

Feeling tired and weak all the time can significantly lower your quality of life. But more than just affecting your energy for life’s activities, chronic fatigue and weakness are also signs of problems with your body and its functions. As such, they are common symptoms of many illnesses, including cancer.

So it is crucial that you seek help for your fatigue, especially if you experience unexplainable exhaustion chronically, and that fatigue cannot be relieved by rest and sleep.

Changes in your breast and nipple

One of the most common changes seen in women with breast cancer is a nipple that appears flattened, inverted or turned sideways. Itchy, scaly or crusty skin on the nipple can also be a sign of inflammatory breast cancer.

Besides changes to the nipple, the appearance of orange-peel-like dimpled skin on the breast is also an important warning sign not to be ignored.

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