Eczema Diet Tips For Healing Your Skin


Eczema Diet Tips For Healing Your Skin

It is easy to think of eczema as an on the surface irritation, and that you just put some cream on it and get on with your day.

Well anyone who suffers from the pain and discomfort of eczema can tell you that it is a problem that runs farther than just skin deep.

One of my clients with eczema would point at a tiny bump on her finger and explain how it was the most painful thing in the world, and caused her all kinds of anguish. While on the surface, it looked like no big deal, but to her, it was a source of true stress and discomfort. This made it even worse because the symptoms of eczema usually appear when you’re experiencing stress of some kind.

Stress often shows up on the skin in some sort of inflammation due to exposure to certain toxins, allergic reactions and even malnutrition. Clinical research shows that people who suffer from eczema may have certain nutritional deficiencies or allergies to certain foods. However, by changing your diet and exposure to stress or allergens, you can greatly reduce the severity and frequency of eczema attacks.

Supplements: Heal and Support

There are many nutrients that can help relieve the symptoms of eczema that can be found in supplement form. Adding certain vitamins minerals and essential fatty acids can help the body heal skin tissue and remove the toxins and other sources of the stress responsible for flare-ups.

* Vitamin A – 10000IU daily – aids skin repair and supports cell regeneration

* Vitamin B complex – 100mg of each major B vitamin daily – needed for healthy skin and proper circulation

* Vitamin C – 1000mg daily – inhibits inflammation and is crucial for cell repair

* Vitamin E – 200IU daily – relieves itching and dryness and aids in healing skin tissue

* Vitamin D3 – 400IU daily – helps healing of tissues and supports immunity

* Salmon oil or flaxseed oil – use as directed – provides essential fatty acids necessary for healthy skin

* CoEnzyme Q10 – use as directed – a powerful anti-oxidant that removes toxins from the body and aids in cell regeneration

Foods : Nourish and Cleanse

Since the symptoms of eczema may be triggered by possible allergens, it is recommended to eliminate certain foods that could be causing inflammatory reactions, and to include foods that promote healthy skin and nourishment to the body. Supporting your body with nourishing and cleansing foods can be an effective long term treatment for many skin conditions.

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