Effective Home Remedies For Eczema Relief, Both External And Internal


Effective Home Remedies For Eczema Relief, Both External And Internal

Eczema is a very irritating skin condition where the outer layer of the skin get inflamed and causes unbearable itching. This often chronic condition can be caused by stress, allergies, hormonal imbalances and even weather conditions.

Flaky and warm patches will appear on your skin and often visible scarring is a result of eczema. Luckily, there are some great home remedies for eczema that you can try to alleviate your pain and discomfort plus help to clear up the condition altogether over time. What’s more, they can help to heal the scarring left behind by the condition.

Find the trigger

The best thing to do to get an effective remedy for eczema is to see what causes the skin to flare up. Try reducing stress by dealing with the problems in your life and by adding some physical exercise into your routine. If you feel the weather is causing the worsening of the condition, you might want to try to buy an air purifier or humidifier to improve the air quality in your home.

A 2013 article at the Eczema Treatment Advice website also reminds that certain chemicals, for example in shampoos or in washing detergents, can cause eczema to worsen. Thus, it is great to change all these chemical-containing cleaning agents and personal care products to natural ones and see if it improves your skin condition.

Herbs and natural supplements to use externally

There are many herbal and natural home remedies for eczema that you could try. Making your own paste and oil from these herbs and supplements will calm the skin down and help with the rash. Great herbs and supplements to use as external home remedies for eczema include:

* Oatmeal – According to Top Home Remedies writing in 2013, taking a daily bath in freshly ground oatmeal mixture will instantly relieve your itch and sooth the skin. Add around two cups of oatmeal into warm bath water and soak for around half an hour.

* Honey – Top Home Remedies also recommends using honey on top of the scars. The antiseptic and antibacterial qualities will help the skin to heal and keep clean of bacteria.

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