Enjoy The Many Health Benefits Of Burdock Tea


Enjoy The Many Health Benefits Of Burdock Tea

Burdock tea is made from the burdock root plant. This traditional root plant grows in Europe and Asia and has been widely used as both a culinary and healing ingredient.

Burdock’s roots, leaves and seeds can all be used either as an infusion, extract, or ointment. Burdock tea has multiple essential vitamins and minerals, which explain the many health benefits it has.

It consists of healthy ingredients like important volatile and fatty oils, carbohydrates, mucilage, flavonoids, iron and potassium. Burdock tea has great antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Immunity boost

Burdock tea has proven benefits of boosting the immune system. It purifies the blood from toxins very effectively and thus helps the body to stay healthy and clean. According to burdocktea.net, burdock tea improves the body’s resistance to harmful bacteria as well as provides it with important antioxidants, such as inulin.

Because it also has anti-inflammatory qualities, it will greatly benefit people suffering from conditions like rheumatism and arthritis to drink burdock tea. Burdock tea will also increase your circulation and thus can help in some cases of headache as well.

Burdock tea is great to use if you are suffering from the common cold because it helps fight off infection effectively. Burdock tea is great in purifying our liver and a healthy liver helps significantly in having a healthy body. According to teabenefits.com, burdock tea will provide great help for anyone suffering from bronchial coughs and other irritations of the pulmonary tract.

Digestive aid

Burdock tea acts as a gentle laxative and drinking it can thus help in cases of indigestion. Because of the antifungal and antibacterial properties of burdock, drinking burdock tea will result in strengthening the presence of healthy bacteria in your stomach.

Some studies have also shown burdock might have potential to prevent the rise of blood sugar levels in your body. For example, a study published in a Chinese journal in 2004 found that participants taking burdock after meals had lower blood sugar levels then participants taking a placebo product.

Burdock tea can be used as a weight loss aid. It is especially beneficial because it is natural and comes with very few side effects. The inulin component of burdock tea will boost metabolism and help the body burn fat more efficiently. Reducing the toxin levels in your body will also allow your body to absorb nutrients and vitamins more effectively.

Purifying and healing skin

Drinking burdock tea is beneficial for purifying the skin. It boosts circulation and by removing toxins from the blood stream, it will also allow skin tissue to heal faster. Petra Canan writes in evitamins.com in 2012 that burdock tea is especially good to use in cases of acne. By purifying our body from the inside and by reducing inflammation, it will help people suffering from acne.

The benefits of polyacetylenes found in burdock tea were studied as far back as in 1967. A German study found then that polyacetylenes will help clear the fungi and bacteria common for acne from skin tissue effectively.

Burdock tea is a very good natural beverage to consume to receive the above health benefits. Because it is a natural product, it has very few side effects. If you experience nausea, blurred vision or severe headache after drinking the tea, it is advised to contact your healthcare professional immediately. In some cases, it can cause allergic reaction, so test small amounts of the tea first before drinking in greater quantity. Burdock teas are widely available, so go ahead and try this great traditional tea.

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