Enjoy The Wondrous Health Benefits Of Asparagus


Enjoy The Wondrous Health Benefits Of Asparagus

A member of the lily family, asparagus is a unique-tasting vegetable which contains a number of health-promoting nutrients and several health benefits.

Overview of Health Benefits

Asparagus contains compounds that can help:

* prevent birth defects
* lower cancer risk
* prevent cardiovascular / heart disease
* strengthen the immune system
* contribute to skin health and the health of other bodily tissues
* support eye health
* neutralize free radicals (i.e. it has antioxidant properties)
* improve arthritis
* alkalize the body
* treat kidney issues; it also has diuretic properties
* lower risk of cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer‘s disease
* reduce “body heat” or “heatiness” and “dampness”, under TCM principles

More details on these health benefits of asparagus are discussed in the rest of this article.

Nutritional Content

Asparagus has good amounts of:

* folate (more details below)
* potassium (about 288 milligrams per cup)
* vitamin A (more details below)
* vitamin B6
* vitamin C (more details below)
* vitamin K
* riboflavin
* thiamin

Asparagus also contains:

* dietary fiber (about 1.5g per cup [Murray])
* niacin
* phosphorus
* iron
* sulfur
* calcium
* magnesium
* zinc
* fructose-containing oligosaccharide (FOS)

Asparagus contains phytonutrients such as:

* alpha-carotene
* asparagines
* asparasaponins
* cyanidins
* inulin
* kaempferol
* lutein
* quercetin
* rutin
* sarsapogenin
* zeaxanthin

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