Food, Herbal And Other Great Natural Remedies For Bursitis You Could Try


Food, Herbal And Other Great Natural Remedies For Bursitis You Could Try

Small liquid-filled sacs called bursa that are protecting our joints can in some cases get inflamed and cause considerable discomfort and pain. This condition is called bursitis and can affect all 150 bursae present in our body.

The most common way to suffer from bursitis is after prolonged or repetitive action that causes friction to the joint and bursa. This can be after a long sports activity or even after spending too much time sitting at the computer.

Bursitis can cause considerable pain but there are some great natural remedies for bursitis available to treat it and prevent it from reoccurring. Below are some of the best nutritional remedies to take if you suffer from bursitis.

Herbs to remedy bursitis

There are great herbs that you should take if you suffer from bursitis. These herbal remedies for bursitis will help you alleviate the pain and decrease inflammation. Some of the best herbs to try are:

* Turmeric – Turmeric has the chemical called curcumin present in it and it works as a great cortisone-type of remedy to the inflammation caused by bursitis. It also has relatively few side effects.

* Boswellia – This herb has boswellic acids that are effective in reducing pain and inflammation. Doctor R. Schulman recommends taking a dose of boswellia two to three times a day to treat bursitis in his 2007 book “Solve it with Supplements“.

* White willow – White willow’s main ingredient is salicin, which is the component found in aspirin. The great thing about white willow is that it doesn’t irritate the stomach the same way that aspirin does.

* Cayenne – Cayenne pepper is a great pain and inflammation reliever. The University of Maryland Medical Center reports on its website that cayenne reduces the production of pain carrying substance P in the body and thus relieves pain effectively. You can use cayenne paste and rub it on the affected area.

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