Helpful Tips For Breastfeeding While Pregnant


Helpful Tips For Breastfeeding While Pregnant

When it comes to feeding a baby, most mothers would agree that breastfeeding is a natural, wonderful choice.

However, when you’re still breastfeeding and become pregnant again, one of the most obvious questions is if breastfeeding while pregnant will deprive the unborn child of necessary nutrients or vice versa.

For women who want to reap the most benefits from nursing, formula is an undesirable option, but there can be a downside to nursing while pregnant as well. Every pregnancy and nursing situation is totally unique and probably more than a little complicated, and there needs to be a balance between nurturing both children and not letting the mother get sucked dry, so to speak. So how do you know if you should continue breastfeeding while pregnant?

Why Breast Milk is Best

The natural milk that a mother offers her child is specialized for that specific baby. This is something that no artificial formula can replicate as breast milk provides vital compounds from the mother that are crucial for the proper health of the infant. Experts agree that this milk is largely responsible for setting up the immune function of the baby for the rest of its life, making it the ideal method for feeding infants and toddlers.

In addition to protecting the health of the baby, breastfeeding also gives a boost to the immune function of the mother. Increased protection against certain types of cancer such as breast and ovarian have been noted, and it also stimulates post-pregnancy weight loss. The longer the mother nurses her child, the better the effects. Plus, breastfeeding is so much easier than dealing with formula bottles.

Drawbacks of Nursing while Pregnant

The quality of your milk may dwindle during the next pregnancy, making it less nutritious for your toddler. It changes its chemical composition from milk into colostrum in anticipation of the next baby. However, by the time this occurs, the older child should also be getting nutrients from solid foods, and it’s unlikely you’re depriving them of anything. As a result, your child may naturally begin to wean at this time, so don’t feel guilty if they no longer want to nurse.

Even if your body can keep up with the demand and your toddler still wants to breastfeed while you’re going through another pregnancy, it can be quite uncomfortable to feed a child when your belly is growing every day. Having one child climbing on top of you and one kicking from the inside is no picnic, so you’ll want to try some alternate feeding positions, such as lying on your side.

Potential Risks to Avoid

Although breastfeeding is the ideal way to nourish your child, there may be some reasons for concern when you’re also pregnant while breastfeeding. The hormone oxytocin is released during breastfeeding, and it is also responsible for contracting the uterus during labor, making some experts worried that it may stimulate premature labor.

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