Herbal Home Remedies For Bronchitis – Herbs To Take


Herbal Home Remedies For Bronchitis – Herbs To Take

Herbs are among the most effective home remedies for bronchitis. Many common kitchen herbs are packed with compounds that fight the virus which causes acute bronchitis. Occasionally, acute bronchitis is caused by bacteria. Herbs help to fight bacteria as well.

If you suffer from chronic bronchitis, herbs may be used as a tonic to enhance the health of your immune and respiratory systems. Herbs also relieve fever, coughs, and other symptoms of bronchitis.

Oregano, thyme, sage, and basil are rich sources of antioxidants which fight infection. Make a cup of strong sage tea using one tablespoon of dried sage per cup of boiling water. Simply pour the boiling water over the sage. Cover and let it sit for twenty minutes.

If you have access to slippery elm or powdered marshmallow root, add a teaspoon of that to the mixture too. After twenty minutes, strain it out. Add a quarter of a teaspoon of salt to the liquid. Gargle as needed. The herbs and salt will shrink inflamed respiratory passages and help rid the airways of phlegm.

Garlic, onions, cayenne, and horseradish are more than just foods. They are potent herbal medicines which can open up air passages, reduce fevers, and fight infections. These foods provide nutrients such as vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals which your body needs to rid the body of the infection. These potent herbal remedies are excellent home cures for bronchitis .The herbs thin secretions so that the secretions can be expectorated from the body. They are also considered to be warming herbs. Warming herbs are helpful if you have the chills or any respiratory illness.

Drink plenty of fluids. Keeping hydrated will help your body to flush the bronchitis virus or bacteria out of your body. Teas, such as ginger, green, black, chamomile, and raspberry possess soothing qualities which relieve cough spasms. They also contain nutrients needed for healing. Be sure to drink the teas while they are hot in order to unclog stuffed sinuses. Adding local honey will soothe your throat. A slice of lemon or orange provides vitamin C which will help your body fight the infection.

Boneset is an excellent herb to use if ill with bronchitis. Rich in nutrients, it relieves discomfort due to frequent coughs. Boneset reduces fevers.

Usnea is sometimes referred to as an herbal antibiotic. It is especially effective for respiratory and urinary tract infections. It has been used for over five thousand years. Research indicates that usnea effectively treats serious lung infections. It is useful for people with acute and chronic bronchitis. Usnea has tonic effects on the respiratory and immune systems.

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