Herbal Ways To Stop Smoking – Herbs Which Help You Quit


Herbal Ways To Stop Smoking – Herbs Which Help You Quit

Many people have found that using herbs helps them to stop smoking.

Herbs can offer support via a variety of mechanisms. They may be used to provide oral stimulation as a substitute for having a cigarette in the mouth. They offer relaxing properties. Herbs aid detoxification and healing of the body’s tissues.

Herbal Substitutes for Tobacco

You may have seen herbal cigarettes advertised as a substitute for tobacco. I have never been a smoker and am not in favor of them, as smoke particles still get into the lungs and cause inflammation, regardless of what you smoke. However, proponents believe that herbal cigarettes are less harmful than addicting tobacco. I concur with that assessment.

I understand that as a temporary measure, some people find that smoking an herbal cigarette allows them to have the oral satisfaction of smoking while they cope with the effects of nicotine withdrawal. Quitting is hard. Everyone must utilize whatever works for them. If you believe that smoking herbal cigarettes may be a viable option for you, consider the following options.

Historically, various herbs have been used as tobacco substitutes. Most people have heard old tales about farmer’s sons sneaking out behind the barn to smoke corn silk. A better choice, especially for smoking cessation, is to smoke the herb mullein.

Mullein cigarettes have effectively been used to relieve asthma attacks. The same actions which open up the airways during asthma attacks may aid someone who is trying to stop smoking.

Mullein helps to relieve bronchitis and stop the hard raspy coughs which many smokers suffer from. Mullein tones the mucus membranes and reduces inflammation. It thins thick secretions, making them easier to expectorate. Mullein is a mild sedative, which is helpful for calming raw nerves associated with nicotine withdrawal.

Mullein is not a particularly flavorful herb. You may want to blend it with chamomile, dried citrus peels, or mint if you choose to smoke it in order to improve the flavor.

If you want to enjoy the healing benefits of mullein without smoking it, that’s better yet. Take one half to one teaspoonful of mullein tincture three times daily or drink three cups of tea each day. It is bitter in flavor.

If you enjoy smoke, but do not want to inhale on a cigarette, yet want to see if the smoke is beneficial for relieving your cough, try lighting a mullein leaf on fire and extinguishing the flame. Simply inhale that smoke.

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