How Foods Help Burn Belly Fat


How Foods Help Burn Belly Fat

It’s an enticing thought – the foods that you eat can actually burn fat, but I’m sorry to say that it’s just a lovely myth.

While there is no one food that is a guaranteed fat burner, particularly belly fat, there are certain foods you can eat that can help your metabolism burn fat more efficiently, keep you feel full longer and give you more energy. All of this can add up to a reduction in the “spare tire” that more and more people are carrying around the middle these days.

But for more reasons that just wanting to look good, burning belly fat is important to your overall health. Carrying around more than your share of abdominal fat can interfere with insulin regulation which is a metabolic function resulting in fat storage. It can also raise blood cholesterol levels which can lead to heart problems as well. Keeping your midsection trim is a vital factor in long term health, and diet is a key component to staying slim.

Bulk Up

Including foods in your diet that keep you full longer are excellent choices for helping you burn fat and lose weight. Staying full means that you won’t be ravenously munching on convenience foods an hour after your last meal, and eliminate unwanted calories that just end up on your waistline.

* Almonds and other nuts (with skins intact) – reduce cravings and keep your blood sugar stable

* Beans and legumes – these take longer to digest and help burn fat

* Apples and bananas – fiber rich and low in calories

These foods are naturally low in fat, and are full of nutrients to keep your appetite satisfied. Make them a regular part of your diet, and watch the pounds drop.


When your body can’t burn off the calories that it consumes, it stores it as fat, usually right around the mid-section. Studies have shown that fat around the mid-section is most dangerous to your overall health, and belly fat is often the most difficult to lose. Including foods in your diet that boost your metabolism can be helpful in staying slim and having more energy too.

* Low fat dairy products – proteins stimulate weight loss

* Hot peppers – contain capsaicin which raises metabolism and aids in burning fat

* Seafood – high levels of mono-unsaturated fats help burn unwanted fats

* Whole grains – have been proven to aid in overall weight loss

A healthy metabolism is good for all of your body’s processes, not just burning fat. Adding a little exercise to your daily routine is also a great way to support your metabolism and keep your fat levels under control.

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