How To Do A Water Detox And The Health Benefits You Can Reap


How To Do A Water Detox And The Health Benefits You Can Reap

Detoxification is a great way to get the body feeling more energized and increase one’s overall feeling of wellbeing. There are lots of detox methods and programs out today, but one of the oldest ways of undergoing cleansing has been water detox.

According to, this was widely practiced in ancient Roman and Egyptian societies. The scholars then believed that water detox will bring inner transformation and improve health greatly; they even believed it can help with spiritual transformation.

There are, however, some health warnings that need to be considered when water detox is performed.


You should prepare your body for the water detox program to avoid any severe side effects and problems. According to a Livestrong article from 2010, water is one of the best detoxifying agents out there and it will very quickly start flushing the toxins out. Without proper preparations, this might lead to ill-health very quickly.

Before the water detox, start reducing your intake of unhealthy foods. Remove caffeine, meat and sugar from your diet and replace them with fresh fruit and vegetables. You can do this at your own pace – it doesn’t have to happen overnight.

You should not do water detox if you are suffering from any severe health conditions without consulting with your healthcare professional. If you start feeling any severe headaches or vomiting you should also contact a healthcare professional and stop the detox.

Water detoxification

Water detoxification can last from one to three days and during the program, you need to drink a lot of water. The best results come if you drink around 8 ounces of water every three hours.

A Natural News article from 2012 recommends that you should try to drink filtered water because this will be the purest form of water. The article suggests either using reverse osmosis filtering or Berkey type portable systems. You can get reverse osmosis filters from health stores or you can even buy one online. This will make sure the water isn’t giving you any unhealthy minerals or chemicals.

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