How To Do Mercury Detoxification


How To Do Mercury Detoxification

Do you wish to learn how to carry out mercury detoxification?

The human body has wonderful ways to deal with toxics and harmful microbes that it comes into contact with.

Yet, despite these mechanisms, we tend to receive excess amounts of toxins, which in the long run affect our health and clog up our immune system and healing abilities. One of the harmful toxins that our body has to deal with is mercury.

Mercury is a heavy metal that is mostly associated with dental amalgams. In fact, according to Doctor Joseph Mercola, inhaling mercury from dental amalgams causes the majority of human exposure to mercury. There is also mercury in seafood that we consume. Medical News also reports that mercury evaporates into the climate from, for example, coal plants, and this will then enter our body through air, water or soil.

There has been an increasing number of studies looking into the link between mercury poisoning and autism. Professor Boyd Haley from the University of Kentucky Medical Center has been studying the link between mercury in vaccines and autism. He reported in a mercury related conference that the levels of autism have been rapidly increasing and that, on some occasions, the removal of mercury from vaccines have resulted in a significant drop in the number of autism cases. So, carrying out mercury detoxification would seem to benefit our body greatly.

Preparations before detoxification

Doctor Mark Hyman, who has done extensive research into mercury detoxification, notes that preparation is the key to successful cleansing. You should be primed for taking months of preparation before the detox so that your body will be ready for the process. Doctor Hyman recommends that you follow these steps before the actual process begins:

* At least one month before, remove all dairy, gluten, egg, corn, etc products from your diet. This should also include taking probiotics and enzymes.

* Add healthy fats (like omega-3), amino acids and minerals into your diet. Selenium is a great mineral to include in your diet.

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