How To Stop Diarrhea Naturally And Effectively With Foods


How To Stop Diarrhea Naturally And Effectively With Foods

Diarrhea is an uncomfortable condition that can affect anyone at almost any time. There are acute and chronic forms of diarrhea, and both have various different causes.

Often, diarrhea is caused by the diet; you might be, for example, consuming a lot of spicy foods, or the stomach might get upset about something new that you are trying. There are natural remedies that can stop diarrhea and relieve you from the pain and discomfort.

The most common way to stop diarrhea naturally is to follow the BRAT diet, which includes the following foods listed below.


It is often recommended that you eat bananas, which can help you stop diarrhea naturally. The effectiveness of bananas comes from the fact that they are very rich in fiber. It especially has a form of fiber called pectin, which is water soluble and can stop diarrhea very quickly. Bananas are also high in potassium, which is helpful for the wellbeing of the intestinal tract.


Another recommended food to help stop diarrhea naturally is rice. Rice is very bland and thus won’t cause more irritation to your gastro intestines. Rice will provide nutrition even during diarrhea because it is digested at the very first parts of the intestinal tract and thus you won’t lose out on any of the nutrients.


Another great way to get pectin is to peel an apple and leave it to darken. Once it has become dark, you can eat it to help stop diarrhea naturally.

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