Natural Relief From Mood Swings During Menopause


Natural Relief From Mood Swings During Menopause

Experiencing mood swings during menopause is one of the body’s natural responses to the many changes a woman’s body goes through. These natural hormonal shifts can definitely cause some unexpected emotional and physical reactions, but menopause doesn’t have to be a crazy time.

With just a few natural remedies, the mood swings of menopause can soften in frequency and severity, revealing a more authentic, mature woman in place of that crazy teen.

Women who are going through menopause claim that they can’t control their emotions as well as they used to, and that they have a harder time just putting on the “happy face” to get through the day.

I think that is one of the primary reasons that women feel out of control in the first place. There is a cultural requirement that women should transform, deny or suppress their negative emotions. They are supposed to be happy, selfless and constantly available to everyone else.

When I tell my over-worked peri-menopausal clients that they need to put themselves on the priority list, and put their families second every once in a while, they recoil in horror. To them it would mean that they were being selfish or not loving their families, but it is vitally important to understand that if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to care for your family.

However, there are effective treatments for mood swings that don’t require a prescription or come with negative side effects. Many of my clients have found that a combination of natural remedies plus a few lifestyle changes can stabilize their moods and improve overall outlook during and after menopause.

Increase Good Vibes

Many of my clients who suffer from mood swings during menopause have not been processing their emotions or allowing their needs to be met. One lady cries every time she talks to me because she’s so backed up with years of regret, guilt and fear. It’s difficult to admit that we’re suffering as adults, and we often don’t have the tools to deal with our emotional baggage, but these natural therapies can help you release held emotions while providing support and restoring balance.

Flower Essences – these safe and effective homeopathic remedies help you process emotions; mix 4 drops each in a 1oz dropper bottle and take several drops 4x per day to support the acceptance of menopausal changes.

* Black eyed Susan – welcome menopause as a natural part of life
* Buttercup – improves self-esteem issues about getting older
* Fairy Lantern – allows you to let go of need to dress or act younger than your age
* Sage – ability to embrace the wisdom of becoming an older woman

Essential Oils – the concentrated, medicinal properties of plants can relieve emotional and psychological stress; mix each in a small jar of massage cream and apply liberally to enhance mood, balance hormones and release issues from the past.

* Bergamot – 2 drops
* Fennel – 3 drops
* Jasmine – 3 drops
* Roman Chamomile – 5 drops

You can find many of the above remedies in most health food stores. Remember to always choose a high-quality product and use consistency for best results.

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