Nausea After Eating – Causes, Natural Treatments And Home Remedies


Nausea After Eating – Causes, Natural Treatments And Home Remedies

Nausea after eating may be due to many causes. If nausea is recurrent, you must check with your health care provide for proper diagnosis.

Many times, nausea after eating is simply due to eating food which does not agree with you; however, it can be a sign of serious illness. Play it safe. Get checked out.

Eating the Wrong Foods is the Most Common Cause of Nausea after Eating

I am sure that this comes as no surprise. Eating heavy, fat laden meals is a common cause of nausea and other digestive complaints. If you drink alcohol, that may be a factor too. Most of the time, people who experience nausea can identify that they ate too much or ate heavy foods. The cure is simply not to eat so much or to choose lighter foods.

However, if you are not sure of why you are nauseated after meals, keeping a food and symptom diary may be helpful. Simply record everything you that eat each day and document how you feel afterwards. Note if symptoms other than nausea occur. Take note of how rapidly nausea ensues after eating. Noticing the timing of symptoms helps identify what part of the digestive tract is not functioning optimally.

One benefit of keeping a diary of food and symptoms is that it may help you to identify the culprit that is making you feel ill. You may note that you are sensitive to fatty or spicy foods. You may also learn that you have a food intolerance or allergy to seafood, dairy, or gluten rich foods. Even if you go to a health care expert, the majority of diagnosis relies on your own awareness of your body. Keen intuition can never be replaced by blood or imaging tests.

Food Poisoning

Eat freshly prepared, whole foods. Wash vegetables and fruits before eating them. Purchase organic foods when possible. Disinfect your food preparation area and utensils carefully. Store and prepare foods at the proper temperature.

Nausea after eating may be due to toxins. Are other people nauseated too? Is diarrhea present? You may have eaten contaminated food. Food poisoning kills 5,000 people each year in the United States. Illness due to consuming contaminated foods and beverages often goes unrecognized. Many times, what people believe to be a “stomach virus” or 24 hour “flu” is actually food poisoning. The best treatment is prevention. Depending upon multiple factors, symptoms of food poisoning may be apparent immediately or may not be seen for up to a few weeks.


You may have an ulcer in the stomach or at the beginning of the small intestine if you experience nausea and other stomach troubles within forty five minutes to an hour after eating. Often, heartburn is present as well. If you have a stomach ulcer, your symptoms may be relieved by eating or taking antacids. If an ulcer is in the small intestine, food may aggravate the distress.

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