Niacin Detox – What It Is, How It Works, Its Benefits, And How To Do It


Niacin Detox – What It Is, How It Works, Its Benefits, And How To Do It

Niacin might sound like something from science fiction, but you have most likely consumed some of it even today.

Niacin is a chemical better known as vitamin B3. This is an essential vitamin for humans; in fact, it is one of the five most important vitamins that people should get.

People who don’t get enough niacin can develop a range of conditions linked with vitamin deficiency, such as pellagra, which cause skin lesions to form. There are other benefits of taking enough niacin, and there is even a niacin detox you can do to cleanse your body and improve your skin.

The way niacin detox works is based on the principle that it dilates blood vessels within the human body very effectively. This is because niacin will increase the production of histamines in your body and these open up capillaries inside your body. Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels in your body and the toxins your body consumes and produces often can block them. Opening of the capillaries will increase blood flow in your body and lead to more effective removal of toxins and fats. This means that your body will detoxify more completely.

With the increased blood flow, niacin detox will have the side effect of making your body itch and develop a rash. Now, this is a normal occurrence, but you should monitor it carefully and consult a health professional if you feel it might be an allergic reaction or if it doesn’t improve after the detox is done.

To alleviate the itching, you can use aloe vera products on your skin to cool it off and help the skin to moisturize efficiently. You can also take an aspirin before taking niacin supplements to alleviate the itching. There are niacin products out there that promise to be ‘non-flushing’, but these are not to be taken. The whole point in niacin detox is to receive the flushing and thus products that don’t do this won’t result in the proper cleansing.

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