Seeking A Home Remedy For Scabies? Try These Simple Natural Treatments


Seeking A Home Remedy For Scabies? Try These Simple Natural Treatments

Scabies is a skin condition caused by mites that dig and burrow under the skin, which will make your skin itch, rash and blister. It is very uncomfortable and very contagious.

You have to treat every member of the family or persons living in the household to make sure the mites don’t return. There are great home remedies for scabies that you can try to get rid of this irritating problem.

Clean the household

First, it is important to note that you need to take some steps to clean the household to treat scabies. You must follow the cleaning procedure throughout the whole time of treatment because the scabies mites are very persistent. The main thing to remember is to:

* Wash the bedding daily.

* Wash all the clothes used by the infected person as soon as they have been used. If you don’t want to keep washing them immediately, store them after use for example in a plastic bag and seal it tightly.

* Wash all the towels that have been in use.

* You should also vacuum the bed and pillows, which can be kept in an airtight container overnight to make sure they don’t have any mites.

* It is important to do the washing in hot water because the lower temperatures may not kill off the mites.

Skin oils to use

You must also treat the affected skin and there are great natural home remedies for scabies that can do this. These oils will help you with the itchy skin, inflammation and also killing off of the mites.

* Tea tree oil – This herbal supplement is easy to find from any sort of shops. It has great antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial and even antiviral qualities. According to Healthy Oil Planet reporting about a study conducted in Australia, tea tree oil works better than common medicine lotions prescribed by doctors. This oil contains a powerful anti-microbial called Terpinen 4- OL, which seems to possess great qualities in providing an effective home remedy for scabies. The Australian study found that 5% tea tree oil solution worked very effectively in killing the mites.

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