Seeking A Natural Remedy For Wrinkles? Try These Treatments


Seeking A Natural Remedy For Wrinkles? Try These Treatments

Natural remedies for wrinkles are highly effective. People spend vast amounts of money for wrinkle creams and undergo painful invasive procedures to get rid of wrinkles. There is an easier way.

Natural remedies provide excellent results. While they may not tighten the skin like a face lift, the natural remedies are painless and give an entirely natural appearance. They nourish and improve the condition of the skin as opposed to simply being cover ups.

Here are a few of my favorite natural remedies for wrinkles.

Base Oils are an Important Part of Wrinkle Prevention

When purchasing skin care products , people sometimes view the active ingredient list as a guideline to whether or not a product is useful. Active ingredients are very important; however, the base of the product occupies the greatest proportion of the product by far. The base is as important as the active ingredients.

Ordinary olive oil is a rich source of antioxidants and other compounds which aid the entire body, including the skin. Using olive oil in the diet nourishes the skin from the inside out. Olive oil keeps the skin supple and supports the underlying structures which help to prevent wrinkle formation.

A very expensive topical oil called squalene is made from olive oil. Squalene is used in small concentrations to make costly preparations which prevent wrinkles. Squalene oil is a natural compound found below the outer layers of human skin. It prevents moisture loss, which can precipitate wrinkle formation. Squalene is very moisturizing. It may be purchased from aromatherapy shops or online.

Avocado oil is fabulous for mature skin. It is very emollient. Avocado contains vitamins needed to keep the skin in good condition

Jojoba offers healing benefits and some protection from sunlight. Jojoba is actually a wax, not an oil. It is easily absorbed and contains nutrients which keep the skin hydrated and supple. It is especially helpful for dry skin.

Borage seed oil and evening primrose oil reduce inflammation. They penetrate the skin cells exceptionally well, plumping them up and diminishing wrinkles and lines.

Natural vitamin E oil contains potent antioxidants which protect the skin from aging.

Essential Oils Which Fight Wrinkles

I always include frankincense and myrrh in blends for mature skin. Both of these resinous oils are personal favorites. Research shows that frankincense and myrrh prevent wrinkle formation. In addition, they enhance the formation of new skin cells. This gives the skin a supple feel and fresh appearance.

Pure rose oil is extremely expensive but it cannot be duplicated. Rose oil is very concentrated, so one drop goes a long way. I love rose oil. It is great for all types of skin. It is especially gentle for the care of sensitive skin.

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