Seeking Autism Cures? Try These Natural Remedies


Seeking Autism Cures? Try These Natural Remedies

At this time, there are no proven autism cures. However, there are multiple treatment options available which help to relieve symptoms and problems due to autism.

Unfortunately, most treatments for autism must be paid for out of pocket as the majority are not covered by insurance. Sadly, due to a misunderstanding of the disease coupled with a lack of reimbursement, many people with autism suffer needlessly and are not as successful in life as they could be with proper treatment and understanding.

Most people know very little about autism. Many people mistakenly believe that the effects of autism are limited to intelligence, communication and behavior. In fact people with autism often have gastrointestinal or neurological issues such as seizures. The intelligence levels of people with autism covers a vast range from limited to brilliant. People with autism may have impulsive behaviors and sleep disorders. Issues of inability to pay attention and communication challenges are quite common. As more is learned about autism, increasingly effective treatments will be available.

There is not a single autism cure that remedies each of the symptoms, nor is there one approach that works for every person with autism. Treatment must be individualized and fluid so that it changes as the person grows and changes.

Nutritional therapies often prove to be quite helpful. There is not a single diet which helps everyone. Be sure that whatever diet you choose is well balance and contains all of the food groups. In the past, some diets were recommended that were deficient in various nutrients. If implementing diets that limit or eliminate large food groups such as dairy, it is essential to be sure those nutrients that are commonly obtained from that food group are replaced via other foods or supplementation. Consulting with a dietitian is the safest approach. Some research studies indicate that autistic children are sometimes lacking certain nutrients. The studies indicate that the children improve when a multivitamin is given consistently.

Some people report improvement in behavior when a gluten free diet is implemented. Gluten is found in several grains. The most common grains which contain gluten are wheat, rye, and barley. People following a gluten free diet have to be very careful when choosing prepared foods or eating out as those grains are in many commercial foods and used liberally in restaurants. Fortunately, gluten free products and recipes are becoming increasingly available.

Other people report improvement when refined sugars, white flour, additives, preservatives and food colorings are omitted from the diet. The result is a healthy, fresh diet which is nutrient rich. Results of scientific studies are conflicting as to whether improvement is seen consistently or not.

Others find that a casein free diet is helpful. This essentially means omitting dairy products. For people with digestive concerns, this may have benefits.

Studies are ongoing to see if any of the diets produce consistent results.

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