Severe Indigestion – Possible Causes And Useful Natural Remedies


Severe Indigestion – Possible Causes And Useful Natural Remedies

When you suffer severe indigestion, you experience the common symptoms of indigestion, but of higher severity. Usually, you will experience bloating, gas, nausea and even vomiting, severe abdominal pain, and an acidic taste in your mouth.

There are cases where the symptoms of severe indigestion can actually be the symptoms of a heart attack, so it is crucial that you contact your healthcare provider if you have trouble swallowing and feel severe heartburn, to make sure you receive the appropriate care.

Causes of severe indigestion

Indigestion can affect anyone at any point in his or her life. There are various causes of bad indigestion and WebMD lists them in categories of lifestyle, diseases and medications. Some of these include:

* Aspirin and other pain medications can cause indigestion
* Certain antibiotics, steroids or thyroid medications

* GERD and ulcers
* Thyroid disease
* Irritable bowel syndrome
* Various stomach infections

* Eating too much and too quickly
* Eating very spicy foods
* Eating fatty and processed foods in excess
* Drinking too much alcohol
* Smoking
* Too much stress

Remedies for bad indigestion

Dr Andrew Weil in his 2011 Huffington Post article says that it is important to think about the causes that triggered your severe indigestion in order to help prevent it happening again. Thus, if you are often suffering from indigestion, he advises to keep a food diary to monitor if certain food items trigger it.

Also try to cut down on the lifestyle choices mentioned earlier so as to help prevent indigestion. Smaller portions, with less spices and fats can help you feel better in the long run.

There are also other good natural remedies for severe indigestion that you can consider.

Drink herbal teas

Herbal teas can be very useful for soothing bad indigestion. Here are a few good ones.

* Cinnamon tea – Top 10 Home Remedies recommends drinking cinnamon tea to help with the bloated feeling. Cinnamon is also great for soothing down cramps that can be behind the severe abdominal pain.

* Ginger tea – ginger is excellent for improving your digestion and improving the flow of minerals and enzymes in the stomach. Dr Weil recommends that you drink ginger tea before or after meals. Ginger is also a great remedy for bad indigestion when you consume it in solid form if tea isn’t your thing.

* Peppermint tea – a 2011 Livestrong article recommends peppermint tea because of its ability to increase the production of mucus, which will help with digestion. Peppermint is also calming for the feeling of nausea and can relieve muscle cramps in the stomach and intestines.

Fennel seeds and coriander

Fennel seeds can help quickly when you are suffering from severe indigestion. A Natural News article from 2012 recommends chewing some fennels seeds when you are suffering from bad indigestion, and you can even chew a few seeds right after you have eaten. They are very good in helping to boost digestion. Fennel seeds contain oils that help with feelings of gas and nausea.

Another natural remedy recommended by the Natural News article is eating some coriander leaves or seeds. Coriander is a good anti-inflammatory herb and thus can help reduce indigestion.

Probiotic bacteria

Probiotic food products and supplements can help alleviate severe indigestion. Dr Weil writes in his article that they contain helpful bacteria that are normally found in the gastrointestinal tract. You can find probiotics in yoghurts or fermented drinks. The Natural News article suggests that you can also make your own homemade fermented milk to remedy bad indigestion.

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