Signs Of Good Health – Gauging How Healthy You Are


Signs Of Good Health – Gauging How Healthy You Are

In assessing your current state of health, there are some signs which would give you an idea of exactly how healthy you are.

This article, which I first wrote and published on another website in 2008, presents numerous possible signs of good health.

Signs of good health we should be working towards

Do you need a rough gauge of your current state of health? Signs of good health are not always clear-cut, nor are they universal among everyone. Yet, there do exist some general signs which would serve as a guide to good health and give you an overall sense. These guidelines are not meant to help you diagnose or treat any condition, so please use them in the right context.

Part 1 – Good, “normal” or average numbers and readings

• No official diagnosis of any chronic and degenerative disease or condition. These include heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.
• Red blood count
• White blood count
• Blood pressure
• Average weight for height, and height for weight; not more than 10% overweight or underweight
• Body temperature
• Pulse / heart rate
Breathing rate
• Lung capacity
• No nutritional deficiency
• Not too high for heavy / toxic metals

Part 2 – No physical abnormalities or growths; No pain, discomfort and dis-ease

• No abnormal lumps or tumors
• No swelling of feet or ankles
• No sores on the skin, tongue or lips which wouldn’t heal
• No slow wound healing in general
• No bleeding gums
• No persistent headaches
• No persistent chest pains
• No persistent backache or ache in limbs and joints
• No persistent cough and / or hoarseness

Part 3 – Strong and normal physical functions; Including normal elimination and discharge

• Normal breathing; no shortness of breath or labored breathing
• Normal eyesight
• Normal hearing
• Good and healthy appetite; no loss of appetite or frequent digestive disturbances
• Able to sleep well; no insomnia and sleeplessness
• Healthy sex drive; no impotence or infertility
• Possess physical vigor and endurance
• Possess enthusiasm and appetite for physical activity in general
• Bright and alert; not listless
• Seldom sick, and not vulnerable to infections and contagious diseases
• No chronic fatigue and tiredness
• No sudden drop in weight
• Normal stool; not too hard or soft, passed without effort, free from blood and mucus; no chronic constipation or diarrhea
• Normal urine; clear, passed without effort, free from blood, mucus or pus
• For ladies — no vaginal bleeding
• No abnormal discharges of water or pus from the eyes, nose and mouth

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