Simple And Effective Weight Loss Tips


Simple And Effective Weight Loss Tips

Many people struggle with losing weight. There are so many diet plans and weight loss tips out there that it can be hard to know which one will work for your unique needs.

Everyone wants to find a magic bullet that will guarantee you’ll look like a supermodel in less than two weeks, but the truth is that no weight loss plan works for everyone.

The good news is that being overweight is largely preventable and it is possible to lose excess weight effectively and keep it off. Instead of placing your hopes in a dangerous pill or crazy diet plan that you will never get through, you’ll be more successful if you take a holistic approach to your weight loss.

Because maintaining a healthy weight is an important factor in overall health, it is essential to make it a priority in your self-care plan. Determining the reasons for being overweight, such as inactivity, poor food choices, emotional distress or injury, is a big step towards permanent weight loss, along with taking steps to resolve those issues.

The reasons someone is overweight, however, can be more than just over-indulging every once in a while. Hereditary and psychological issues can also contribute to weight problems, but for most of us, the solutions are usually pretty simple and kind of obvious.

Mealtime Etiquette

Rather than cutting out every yummy morsel in your diet and pledging to survive on lemon water and carrot sticks, you may find success in just tweaking how you eat. Many people find that they even eat less while enjoying their food more by following these few tips.

* Learn to ride out your food cravings – distract yourself, drink water, go for a walk

* Keep a diet diary to track cravings, food and beverage choices and progress

* Always eat breakfast, have your largest meal at mid-day and don’t eat after 7pm

* Don’t skip meals; eat 5 or 6 small ones instead to keep blood sugar levels steady

* Eat slowly and mindfully; chew your food well and really enjoy your food choices

Eating Do’s and Don’ts

Most people think of weight loss as if it’s a prison sentence. Only bread, water and hard labor. While you should be drinking lots of water between meals, it is not necessary to starve yourself or make any foods off-limits. If you are eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of nutrients, your body won’t be craving sugar mid-afternoon because it’s running on empty. These weight loss tips can help you slim down while still enjoying food.

* Eat meals that have a balance of proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats

* Eat plenty of fresh fruits and raw vegetables – up to 9 servings per day

* No refined sugars, simple carbohydrates or white flour which spike insulin levels

* No alcohol – it is packed with calories, increases junk food cravings and makes you sluggish

* No artificial sweeteners – they trigger cravings by making your brain expect calories, but delivering none

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