Take Control Of Your Asthma – 3 Crucial Areas


Take Control Of Your Asthma – 3 Crucial Areas

When you suffer from asthma, your body is constantly searching your environment for an outside threat. Something that lurks in your home, office, a friend’s house, and you never really know what will trigger the next attack.

You try to be prepared with tissues, eye-drops, inhalers, but it’s still out there. Waiting for when you least expect it, ready to make you wheeze, cough and literally gasp for breath.

An asthma attack is your body’s response to an allergen in your environment that is perceived as a threat to your overall wellbeing. Your body is designed to seek out and destroy anything that could compromise its health, but over-exposure, weakened immune systems and stress factors can contribute to your body being on high alert. All the time. When your body is constantly watching for danger, even small irritants can be escalated into a code red situation – a.k.a. an asthma attack.

Dealing with asthma symptoms can be exhausting, but what if you could calm your body’s response to the allergens that are out there every day? What if your body was capable of eliminating these environmental triggers without sending your whole body into panic mode? With just a few lifestyle tweaks, you can breathe easier every day, and not have to constantly chase your symptoms in a losing battle.

Try Natural Remedies And Cures

Although steroid prescription medications can greatly reduce the severity of allergy and asthma attacks, you can boost your own abilities to deal with environmental triggers by using a few remedies from the health food store.

Homeopathic belladonna – has been shown to reduce constriction and wheezing symptoms during an attack

Black cumin seed oil (Nigella sativa) – full of antioxidants that fight allergens; look for a cold pressed capsule supplement (caution – do not use during pregnancy)

Essential oils – combine 10 drops each Cedarwood and Eucalyptus with 2 drops Roman Chamomile, mix with 2 oz water, dip a tissue in the mixture and inhale

Many of my clients have reported symptomatic relief with these natual remedies, especially the essential oils. Keep these in your asthma attack kit, and you may find yourself reaching for them more often than your inhaler.

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