The Best Herbal Colon Cleansers


The Best Herbal Colon Cleansers

Roots and seeds are among the very best herbal colon cleansers. They may be consumed in a variety of forms.

Some are not very tasty and are best consumed as tinctures. Others may be added to foods in order to provide bulk and lubrication to stools which are difficult to evacuate due to hardness.

All herbal colon cleansers work best when taken in conjunction with a high fiber diet. Be sure to include plenty of fluids in your diet. Get regular exercise. Eat a wide variety of whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables to ensure healthy bowel function.

Herbs Which Soften and Moisten the Stool

Psyllium and flax seeds are excellent herbs which are gentle colon cleansers. They add bulk and essentially sweep the digestive tract clean.

Fiber from psyllium and flax seeds feed the healthy bacteria which reside in the colon. Having adequate amounts of healthy bacteria facilitates a healthy rate of stool transit time throughout the intestines.

Psyllium and flax remove toxins, excess estrogen, and cholesterol from the body.

Diverticulitis and irritable bowel syndrome may be relieved by including psyllium or flax in the diet.

I suggest consuming one to four tablespoons of psyllium or flax daily. Begin with small amounts as they may initially produce gas if you have not been consuming much fiber.

Herbal Bitters for Colon Health

Several herbs are considered herbal bitters. Used extensively for hundreds of years to tonify the digestive tract, bitters fell out of favor due to their bitter flavors. Some herbal bitters are actually quite mild tasting, while others are barely palatable. Generally speaking, stronger tasting herbs produce harsher cleansing actions.

Dandelion root, yellow dock, and burdock root are ordinary weeds which have bitter components. Burdock root is tasty. Dandelion root is slightly bitter and earthy. Yellow dock is very bitter.

While the herbs may be prepared by several methods, I prefer to make teas of burdock or dandelion root. Often, I combine them with fennel or other flavorful herbs which aid the digestive tract. Simply combine three teaspoonfuls of burdock or dandelion root with one teaspoonful of fennel seed. Simmer, covered, for twenty minutes Strain out the solids and drink the tea one to three times daily. If using yellow dock, mix one to two milliliters of a tincture with water. Drink it one to three times daily.

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