Ways To Do A Natural Lead Detox


Ways To Do A Natural Lead Detox

It is impossible to avoid heavy metals like lead getting into the human body because of the way chemicals are incorporated into every day life in the modern world.

In the old days, lead got into the body through, for instance, paints, but nowadays, that is much more regulated. There are, however, still pollutants that allow lead to find its way into the body.

It is important to test your blood if you are concerned about lead and other heavy metals in your body. There are also natural ways to do lead detox, which will help you reduce the amount of this heavy metal in your body and thus lessen your health risks.

Take a clay bath detox

You can remove lead from your body by taking a bath. Taking a clay bath is an especially beneficial way to do lead detox. According to a Natural News article from 2008, clay baths for lead detox has a long tradition of use. They quote Jason Eaton who says that a 15-minute to two-hour bath will effectively remove toxins from the body and greatly enhance the lymphatic system in the body. The article also mentions Dr Miriam Jang, who had reported that his patients with high lead and mercury contents in their blood experienced significant reductions of those amounts after a few months of clay baths.

You can do this great detox at home as long as you have a bathtub available. You can mix dry clay into hot water; the article recommends using about 2 cups of dry clay in a bath full of water. Mix the clay properly in order to remove any clumps. Bentonite clay is recommended by most specialists as the best choice to use.

Consume foods that remove lead

Another way to do lead detox is to include foods and supplements that help bind lead and remove it from the body. These all work well in combination with each other.

* Calcium – Nurturing Naturally recommends in their 2012 article that calcium is very good in binding lead and thus foods rich in calcium can really help with lead detox. Add parsley, broccoli, oranges and carrots, for instance, to your diet.

* Magnesium – the same article also recommends magnesium, which can dislocate lead from the body.

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