What Causes Persistent Nausea And How To Remedy It


What Causes Persistent Nausea And How To Remedy It

Are you suffering from persistent nausea? Are you trying to find the causes of your condition and what natural remedies you could use to combat the ailment?

Nausea – the acidic taste in your mouth added with the constant need to want to vomit is a feeling most have experienced at some point in their life. There are multiple reasons for persistent feelings of nausea to occur and really identifying the reason can be hard but important to remedying nausea properly.

In most cases, nausea is only a temporary problem. When it does get persistent, though, there could be situations where the real cause is hard to find and treat. When nausea is very persistent, it can really be a debilitating state to be in. Nausea isn’t really considered as a condition or disease on its own; rather, it is a symptom of something else.

The most common causes of persistent nausea can be divided into two sub-categories of physical or psychological origin. The physical origins of nausea include pregnancy, problems of food consumption (metabolic or toxic), visceral diseases or conditions affecting the central nervous system. Nausea can also be caused by psychological conditions like eating disorders, stress or depression.

Remedies for persistent nausea

To start treating persistent nausea, it is important to try to figure out whether the symptom has physical or psychological causes. One of the most common causes of nausea is pregnancy, so rule that out first.

After that, it is important that you look into your current life situation. Are you going through a rough time emotionally? If so, it might be that you are suffering from psychological causes of nausea. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and try doing stress-relieving exercises like yoga. Talking about the difficulties in your life with someone might also help you feel better. Meditation or EFT could help, too.

For the physical causes of persistent nausea, there are some good nutritional remedies to consider to receive lasting relief. If you suffer from nausea for long periods and you don’t know what is causing it, it is advised that you consult a health professional to look into the matter more deeply. Below are some good foods and drink remedies you could try to alleviate nausea.

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