Why And How Raw Foods Help You To Lose Weight


Why And How Raw Foods Help You To Lose Weight

Why and how does consuming raw foods contribute to weight loss? Here, we explore some possible ways.

This article was first written and published on another website in 2008.

Raw Food Weight Loss Effects

Raw food weight loss effects is one big reason why so many people love their raw diets. How does it work?

First and foremost, raw plant foods have high proportions of fiber and water content. This makes it very difficult to overeat.

In addition, overall calorie intake in a raw diet is also lower than in a standard diet, thereby again contributing to weight loss and control.

Another less obvious reason is the fact that raw foods have better nutritional content. Our bodies need adequate nutrition, and hunger is its signal to us to give it its dose of daily nutrients. These nutrients are needed for a variety of purposes, including cell repair, cell growth, cell regeneration, healing, metabolic processes, production of hormones and enzymes, fighting off harmful invaders, to name a few.

Why is it that we can often eat and eat and eat and yet still feel hungry, at times even very hungry?

This is because much of what we eat today is junk food which is very low in nutritional value.

We could be eating a lot – a very heavy meal of burger, french fries, soda drink and cake, but in effect, we are only consuming a large dose of carbohydrates and saturated fats, with very little of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which our bodies need.

Thus, not long after, perhaps only a couple of hours, we feel hungry again. Our bodies want their nutrition!

What, then, do we do? We reach out for bread, or pies, or potato chips – more junk food which is largely empty calories and even contains harmful chemicals.

This explains raw food weight loss effects.

You see, raw plant foods have high amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals and other important nutrients. When we eat a good mix of raw foods, our bodies are nutritionally satisfied.

We thus no longer feel hungry so much, and so often. We eat less, and we then lose weight, and maintain healthy weight thereafter.

It’s really difficult to be overweight on a raw food diet, I think. Animals in the wild only eat natural and raw foods, and I’ve never heard of an obese one out there, to be honest.

What’s more, foods which are empty calories have an addictive effect. We want more, and more, and more.

The first world today is a paradox. It is filled with severely overweight, yet highly malnourished people. It is abundant in many things, yet very much lacking in many of the things which really matter.

Would you like to reap the raw food weight loss effects from today? But do you feel like you can’t handle a fully raw diet?

If that is the case, then do what you can. Eat less cooked food, and start increasing the proportion of raw plant foods in your diet.

Raw food weight loss effects are not unique to raw foods alone. In general, as long as we eat healthier and more nutritious foods, we will experience the same positive effects on our weight.

And, do your body a huge favor and cut out the junk foods – fast food, potato chips, sugary snacks, soft drinks, and the like – as soon as possible.

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