10 Core Natural Health Principles Summarized


10 Core Natural Health Principles Summarized

The entire philosophy of natural health and healing contains some fundamental principles. I have listed and summarized 10 such principles on this page for quick information.

Each of these principles is explained in more detail on its respective page, accessible via the links below. That helps provide a better understanding of each of them.

These principles bring with them some very important points regarding the main gist of natural health, and some of them are in fact interlinked.

Natural Health Principles

1. Achieving True and Ultimate Healing
This must take place from within, carried out by the body itself.

2. Dealing With What Causes Disease – tackling root causes
The body is helped along in overcoming the root causes of disease.

3. Overall Wellbeing and Health
The overall state of wellbeing and health of a person is the number one priority, and not a disease or a symptom.

4. First Do No Harm – in harmony with how the human body works
To work with the body to heal itself, and not to carry out or consume things which would harm it, whether in the short run or the long-term. Working with the body makes sense because it has the innate ability and wisdom for self-preservation, to keep itself alive and well, and to get well.

5. Definition of Holistic Health – dealing with the body as a whole
The human body is viewed as a whole, and any health problem must be dealt with with this in mind.

6. Definition of Holistic Health – dealing with the non-physical aspects
The emotional, mental, spiritual and social aspects of a person must also be handled. In natural health, the person is treated, not the disease per se.

7. Natural Health Healing is Usually Relatively Inexpensive or Even Free
Compared with conventional medical treatment, natural health and healing modalities are usually cheaper, while some are even free.

8. How Holistic Healing Works – applying the methods, sometimes without knowing how they work
Principles and methods which are known to work to achieve the best results are applied, without always needing to know HOW they work, or WHY they work.

9. Believing There Are No Incurable Diseases
Embracing the belief that the body can heal itself of anything, and there are therefore no incurable diseases. This fact has been proven again and again by thousands of people worldwide who were declared terminally ill but went on to live long, healthy lives.

10. Taking Personal Responsibility for Health
This is one of the most important principles of natural health. The healthiest people around are often those who take responsibility for their own health, and who live lives which are rather different from the average person. Believe in the wonderful healing capability of your God-given body!

Do you want to learn about natural health and embrace natural health and healing, or do you want to be one of the millions of people who flock to their doctor daily and pop toxic prescription drugs regularly?

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