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We are Reuben & Cindy, a husband and wife team who are passionate about natural health and healing, and we own and run this network of health sites. We have spent literally thousands of hours reading, researching and learning about health-related topics. Cindy holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and is currently receiving formal training in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We research, we learn, we discuss, we analyze, we reflect, we write, and we share our personal experiences. We also engage other writers and researchers, including natural health practitioners with clinical experience.

Those who have written for us include Dr Donna, a retired chiropractor, master herbalist and clinical nutritionist; Vicki, a holistic wellness practitioner; and Patricia, a Registered Herbalist who holds a PhD in natural health.

Our health story

Why have we taken this path? Like many others with a similar passion, we ourselves have struggled with various chronic health issues since childhood.

During our early years, we were sickly children. Underweight, rather anemic, suffering from persistent digestive issues and often stricken by colds, coughs and fevers. Through the years, we were not-quite-sickly-enough-to-be-in-and-out-of-hospitals-but-yet-we-felt-tired-and-weak-and-fell-ill-rather-often. Various discomforts and pains were also commonplace.

Seeing medical doctors wasn’t much of a help. Having learnt much about health, that wasn’t surprising at all – those doctors were usually focused on dealing with symptoms and never the root causes of disease; at times, they even made matters worse, because medical drugs often damage your body in the long run.

Prolonged consumption of western medications in our younger years only served to weaken us. Cold medications, for example, damage the stomach and lead to gastric attacks. With poorer digestion, nutritional issues would result.

It was only through natural health and holistic healing modalities such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition therapy and herbal medicine that we experienced improvements in our health.

This has driven us to spread the word.

Over the years, we’ve also witnessed loved ones succumbing to serious diseases, further awakening us to the failings of conventional medicine and the importance of natural healing principles.

If you’re interested, here’s more about Reuben and Cindy’s personal health journeys.

Our health websites

We’ve realized that the average person knows very little about natural health and healing and about our bodies’ amazing ability to heal themselves. The average person also does far too little in taking personal responsibility for his or her own health.

Through the health-related websites on the Health on The Journey of Life network, we hope to educate you and many others about natural health and healing (while at the same time educating ourselves).

Your health is precious, and good health is so very important as it forms the foundation for everything else you want to do in life. No one is responsible for your health but yourself – not your doctor or your loved ones, but only you. And it is only through educating yourself and implementing changes in your life can you experience better health.

Of course, we cannot claim to know everything about health, nor to be absolutely sure about any aspect of it. There are always many different points of view, and oftentimes there is contradictory information as well. It’s all about learning, discerning, and experimenting.

It’s better than sitting back and doing nothing.


In truth, our own health is still far from ideal, and chronic issues still persist, but we are working every day toward improving ourselves. We understand how difficult it is to live a totally healthy lifestyle and stay away from sinful pleasures of the tongue and unhealthy lifestyle habits (such as late nights).

It’s a constant tug-of-war between healthy choices and the temptations, immediate gratification and health-destroying lifestyle elements surrounding us. But hey, we’re imperfect humans, and the important thing is to try, for every little bit we do on a daily basis can make a difference.

Life is a journey, as is learning, as well as health.

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Attaining good health naturally is not just possible, it’s our birthright. Let’s all claim it.

We wish you good health, and we hope the information on this website will be useful to you and your family.

Have a blessed, happy, wonderful and healthy day ahead!

Reuben & Cindy

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