Potential Goldenseal Side Effects, Adverse Reactions And Contraindications


Potential Goldenseal Side Effects, Adverse Reactions And Contraindications

Goldenseal is a great herb traditionally used by the Native American tribes to help with various health issues. It has excellent immune boosting qualities and can effectively treat infections and toxic bacteria in the body.

It has also been used to heal wounds and is often used in combination with other herbs.

Although it has many health benefits and it is very commonly used, there are some potential goldenseal side effects, adverse reactions and contraindications to consider before taking the supplement. There is not, in many cases, enough evidence regarding the long-term use of goldenseal. Thus, you should avoid excessive use and consult healthcare professionals if you experience any serious goldenseal side effects or symptoms during its use.

Allergic reaction

Goldenseal is a member of the buttercup family and can in some cases cause allergic reactions. Allergic reactions to goldenseal might be mild, like a rash and itch, or you can get a more severe reaction, such as vomiting, breathing problems and swelling. If you suspect you have gotten a strong allergic reaction, it is advisable that you contact your healthcare professional.

Goldenseal can also make your skin more sensitive to sunlight and thus you should take extra precautions if you are exposed to a lot of sunlight during use.

Cardiovascular problems

It is possible that goldenseal will decrease blood cholesterol levels. If you are taking other cholesterol lowering supplements or medications, it is best to refrain from use.

Goldenseal side effects can also include lowering of your heart rate. According to the American Cancer Society, a compound called berberine found in goldenseal can disrupt heart rhythm. Thus, if you have a history of heart problems, it is advisable to refrain from use, or to discuss it with a healthcare professional.

Side effects due to improved liver function

Goldenseal is very effective at increasing the liver‘s function by providing a boost to the amount of bile produced. This can influence the way medication is absorbed by the body. Thus, it may increase the side effects of other medications and herbs.

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