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Since you have come to this website, health is probably a topic close to your heart, as it is to ours. We are a husband and wife team who are passionate about health and about natural healing, and we have spent literally thousands of hours reading on and learning about these subjects.

Why? Because we ourselves have struggled with various chronic health issues since childhood and it has only through educating ourselves and implementing changes in our lives have we experienced improvement.

Good health is so very important. Without health, all other aspects of life - from relationships to careers to learning to family-life to hobbies - are affected. Unfortunately, it's often the case that only people who have experienced poor health or chronic ailments really appreciate and take good care of their bodies.

Has good health been elusive for you? It's that way for many people, and it's certainly been so for us, too. It's a constant tug-of-war between healthy choices and the temptations, immediate gratification and health-destroying lifestyle elements surrounding us.

Further, what can be very confusing is the myriad of seemingly contradicting health information, tips and advice out there, encompassing both scientific research as well as age-old traditional health wisdom and knowledge. Sometimes, we get terribly confused, too. At times, it's very much a trial-and-error process.

The entire focus of this website is on being healthy naturally. Here, we put forth health information and research, as well as views, musings, analysis and other insights on health. We research on and cover various health topics, and we also engage other researchers and writers. These include natural health practitioners with clinical experience. We share our personal experiences as well.

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We wish you good health, and we hope the information on this website will be useful to you and your family.

Reuben & Cindy
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Many areas are covered on this website, including:

* Good health tips and habits - advice, suggestions and habits for living a healthy lifestyle

* Organs and body parts - information on the health of organs of the human body and other body parts

* Exercise and fitness - information on different types of exercise regimes, fitness programs, and physical activity

* Harmful toxins - information on chemicals, substances, and toxins to avoid

* Food, diet and nutrition - information on diets, nutrition, foods, vegetables, fruits, meats, and more

* Herbs - health benefits, medicinal properties, side effects, and other information on various herbs

* Herbal remedies - information on effective herbal formulas and herb remedies

* Supplements - information on health and nutritional supplements

* Holistic remedies and therapies - therapies and remedies which benefit your health holistically - physically, mentally, and emotionally

* Detoxification and cleansing - information on how to detox your body and its various organs and parts

* Natural healing modalities - information on different systems of natural health, holistic healing, and treatment for various ailments and conditions; these health modalities are often called alternative treatments or therapies and can usually improve overall health

* Health conditions - natural remedies, herbal remedies, treatments, and other information on various ailments

* General health discussions - discussions, thoughts and information on various aspects of health

* Health resources - information on books, websites, videos, audio files, and more

* Groups of people - health information on specific groups of people

You can browse the substantial health information on this website using either:

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The site's latest articles are displayed below.

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List Of High Glycemic Foods


For persons who are seeking to keep their blood glucose levels stable, avoiding foods with high glycemic index values could be one...

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