Natural Remedies For Hair Loss That Work


Natural Remedies For Hair Loss That Work

Hair is made of a type of protein called keratin. Keratin is what nails and the outer layer of skin cells are comprised of too. Our hair follicles within the scalp are alive; however, hair itself is dead.

Natural remedies for hair loss work within the scalp where the living follicles are located. Natural products can also be used to protect hair from breaking which is a common cause of hair loss. In addition, natural remedies for hair loss can be used to improve the health of scalp and the entire body by correcting imbalances and providing nutrients needed for hair growth.

A healthy diet is essential. If the body does not have enough protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, hair will not grow quickly or be healthy.

Essential Fatty Acids Prevent Hair Loss

Be sure to include sufficient essential fatty acids in the diet. Essential fatty acids are compounds which the body is incapable of making on its own. Essential fatty acids must be consumed by dietary means or via supplements. Flax, hemp and sesame seeds as well as deep water fish such as salmon, mackerel or herring are excellent sources of essential fatty acids.

If you prefer to use a vegetarian supplement, choose from the following oils which are made from seeds: flax, hemp, black current, evening primrose, or borage. Fish oil and krill oil are beneficial non vegetarian sources of essential fatty acids. As added bonuses, all of these oils reduce inflammation throughout the entire body; enhance the circulation; and promote longevity. Follow instructions on the product label if you choose a supplement. Beyond Essential Fats by Natura is an outstanding brand to consider purchasing.

Topical Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

Massage your scalp regularly with a teaspoon of soy, olive, or jojoba oil. All are excellent nourishing emollients which enhance circulation of the scalp. Improved circulation may result in hair growth and increased strength of the hair.

Jojoba oil is especially beneficial. It is not true oil, but a natural wax which is very similar to the emollients manufactured by our own bodies.

For even more conditioning, employ the use of essential oils. Add twenty five drops of an essential oil to one ounce of jojoba or other oil. Use that blend for scalp massage. You may leave the blend on your head for up to thirty minutes prior to shampooing. If you wrap warm towels around your head while the oil conditioner is in place, the oils will penetrate the scalp and hair even better.

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