Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief


Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

Exercises for lower back pain depend totally on what the cause of your back pain is, especially when there’s a herniation of the spinal disk. That’s because the location of the herniated disk is where there will be pain. A herniated disk puts pressure on the nerves nearby and then causes pain.

The disk can herniate in the front of the vertebral body (anteriorly), in the back of the vertebral body (posteriorly), or to the right or left of the vertebrae.

Developing Sound Reasoning for Exercise Selection

If your disk herniates in front of the vertebrae, then bending forward is going to put a lot of extra pressure on the herniated disk and you will scream out in pain. In this case, exercises for low back pain cannot include bending forward in any way, shape or form. It doesn’t matter if the exercises are yoga moves, physical therapy exercises or simple stretches. None of them should put extra pressure on your disk herniation.

If your disk herniates to the back of the vertebrae, then back extension exercises would make your condition worse. You wouldn’t want to do any yoga moves, physical therapy exercises or simple stretches that make you lean backwards.

If your disk herniates to the right of the vertebrae body, then side bends to the right would put extra pressure on the spinal disk herniation, causing you excruciating pain. It hurts a lot when you have a disk herniation, especially if the herniation is severe.

Now Analyze These Exercises for Lower Back Pain

With this in mind, let’s evaluate different exercises for lower back pain.

Exercise 1

Lie on your stomach. Prop up your arms on top of a pillow. Lift your body up, extending your spine backwards. Repeat 3 to 5 times.

Thinking about this exercise, you can now see how the exercise puts pressure on the back of the spinal vertebrae. Therefore, it would not be a good exercise for lower back pain if there’s a posterior spinal herniation – but it would be recommended for a frontal anterior herniation.

Exercise 2

Lie on your stomach on a bed. Put your elbows toward your side at about 90 degrees. Then raise your upper body off the bed using your hands for support. Repeat 3 to 5 times.

The starting position for this exercise is similar to #1. This exercise would not be good for posterior herniation but may help for frontal herniated disk.

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