5 Ways To Do Heavy Metal Detoxification And Remove Those Potent Toxins


5 Ways To Do Heavy Metal Detoxification And Remove Those Potent Toxins

The body is constantly under stress from toxins that get to it through foods, environmental pollution and the chemicals we use on a daily basis. Often, these include heavy metals, such as mercury and lead, which can severely damage our body.

For instance, they can lead to depression and it is also suggested that they can lead to conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and autism. The good thing is that there are great natural and safe ways that you can do a heavy metal detoxification.

Bentonite clay

Using bentonite clay is a very good way to carry out heavy metal detoxification. According to Colloidalworld.com, this volcanic ash can remove impurities from the body through absorption. It is laxative in nature and has rich amounts of iron and magnesium.

The Raw Food Family explains the way this clay works – it goes into our digestive tract when consumed and since it isn’t chemically active, it won’t be digested. Instead, it will keep absorbing various heavy metals and toxins in the body. Once it has removed the heavy metals from the body, it will be eliminated with the toxins attached to it. You can take bentonite clay by mixing it with water.

Burdock root

This herbal root is especially helpful in heavy metal detoxification by removing mercury from the body. Mercury is a very common toxin in the body; it can, for instance, enter the body through fish that we consume and from various vaccinations we undergo. The Raw Food Family and Doctor Mark Hyman both recommend burdock root for detoxifying mercury from the body. Burdock root is very good in cleaning up the liver, which has to deal with most of the heavy metals and toxins present in the body.

Colloidalworld.com suggests that you can take burdock root by making a juice out of it. There are also great burdock root teas available.

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