Ischial Bursitis – Don’t Stop Your Protocols Until You’re Completely Healed


Ischial Bursitis – Don’t Stop Your Protocols Until You’re Completely Healed

Ischial or ishial bursitis is often called “Runner’s Butt” or “Tailor’s Seat”. With these types of nicknames, you can deduce that it’s a condition that causes pain while running and while sitting at a sewing machine.

Both these types of activities will activate the inflamed bursa, which is located between the gluteus maximus muscle and the bones you sit on called ishial tuberosity.

The pain feels like deep throbbing in the hip joint and pain in the buttocks at the point where the bones touch the chair. Sometimes the person with this disorder will feel as if his or her hip is locking into place and needs to be realigned. There’s also weakness felt within the muscles and joint and a bit of stiffness with it as well.

Don’t Neglect Alternative Care of Ishial Bursitis

Ishial bursitis remedies from an alternative healthcare practitioner point of view work quite well to relieve the pain of ishial bursitis. Some of the alternative remedies include a protocol of ultrasound treatment, electrical stimulation of the muscles in the area, manipulation of the joint, and application of a type of sports tape called Kinesio tape to the nearby muscles and joint.

The ultrasound and electrical stimulation has been shown for decades to decrease the pain and inflammation of many connective tissue disorders, including ones such as bursitis. One additional treatment that is helpful is the evaluation of the balance of the muscles. If one muscle is stronger than others that are destined to have a certain motion in the body such as flexion of the hip, this will affect other muscles that flex the hip and the opposing muscles that extend the hip.

Muscles Involved Must Be Balanced and Trigger Points Removed

More and more chiropractors and body workers are finding that restoring the muscle balance in the body is a first line of treatment to restore the body from many conditions. If the muscles are restored to their natural balance, they won’t pull as hard on the joints, and thus won’t cause additional pain in other parts of the body, such as the low back – or wherever the muscles attach.

And as a result, adjustments to the joints and spine end up holding for longer periods of time – something that makes patients feel great longer as well as their chiropractor feel that a better job was done.

Massage also plays a role in treating ischial or ishial bursitis. Muscles that are out of balance with each other tend to develop trigger points, which are painful to the touch and refer pain to other parts of the body. By massaging these trigger points out of the muscles, your muscles will feel more at ease and perform their functions as they should without stress.

What About Exercises for Ishial Bursitis?

Exercises are always part of the plan to recover from ischial (ishial bursitis). These must be customized to fit the needs of the individual, and usually involve range of motion exercises for the hip joint. However, again, it isn’t smart to do all the range of motion exercises for the hip point – only the weak ones that need to be strengthened are the ones that should be done.

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