Headache On Top Of Head – Possible Causes And Effective Natural Remedies


Headache On Top Of Head – Possible Causes And Effective Natural Remedies

Headaches are very uncomfortable conditions that can truly debilitate a person. There are many types of different headaches, but one of the more peculiar ones are headaches on top of the head.

This means that the pain sensation is felt right at the top of the head. This pain is often very intense and can come in quick bursts or be present for long periods. Most commonly, top of the head headaches are some forms of tension headaches with variable causes, or they are secondary headaches, meaning they are caused by another problem in your body, like flu for example.

Below are some common causes of tension or secondary headaches on the top of your head and some remedies you can try to alleviate the pain.

Tension headache on top of the head

Tension headaches are very common and they mainly affect the top of your skull, but the pain can also be felt as a pressure on the sides of your head and neck. Tightened muscles at the back of the scalp and neck cause the pain in tension headaches.

The most common cause of this type of headache is stress, but there are other factors to consider as well. It might be down to the posture you have during the day or during your sleep. Doctor Tony Preston writing on his website in 2012 suggests that one of the biggest factors in posture is that many people tend to push their chin forward and have their head slightly tilted on one side. Top of the head pain can also be caused by lack of sleep, excess alcohol consumption, or insufficient nutrition.

Secondary headache on top of head

There are some secondary headaches that cause pain to appear at the top of your head. The most common one of these is a sinus pressure, for example sinusitis. This is very common if you are experiencing flu or also have blocked ears for example. If your headache is getting a lot worse and the below remedies don’t seem to help, and especially if you experience any loss of coordination or blurriness, you should quickly seek help from your health professional.

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