Relief For Headaches In The Back Of The Head


Relief For Headaches In The Back Of The Head

Perhaps one of the most common, yet elusive types of suffering is a tension headache. They start at the base of the neck and creep up and around your head.

Although a headache might seem like a small annoyance to some, suffering from pain in the back of the head can be both exhausting and frustrating.

It may seem like they strike out of nowhere, and the various causes can be difficult to identify. When you’re in pain, you’ll do anything to make it stop, but sometimes over the counter medications can have side effects, or not be as effective over time. Learning what might trigger a headache and approaching it with remedies other than pain killers can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of headaches in the back of the head.

A few of the major factors that contribute to tension headaches are generally the result of too much stress and not enough self-care. From anxiety and depression to diet and allergies, the causes can seem both obvious and random at times. Through a combination of proper nourishment, relaxing treatments and adopting stress-relieving practices into your lifestyle, almost everyone can find relief.


Your body can’t be expected to function properly if it is deprived of nutrients or liquids. It also can be negatively affected by dietary or environmental allergens. Anything from low blood sugar to food intolerances can show up as headaches in the back of the head, so it’s necessary to eliminate these possible causes.

* Diet – eliminate possible food allergens and reintroduce them one at a time to test for symptoms; nuts, wheat, dairy, artificial additives and nitrates are common culprits

* Water – thirst often shows up as a headache; be sure to drink 80-100oz of pure water each day

It can be easy to neglect the obvious things like eating when we’re busy and overstressed. Take care of your physical needs and your body won’t need to speak up in pain so often.


Most of my clients really don’t want to change much about their daily choices, but I promise that these simple suggestions can make a big difference not only in relieving headaches, but for overall stress relief.

* Massage – seek out a good practitioner and stay consistent with your therapy

* Yoga – reclining poses or forward bends can relieve stress and muscle tension

* Breathing – inhale slowly and deeply for 4 counts then exhale completely for 4 counts; repeat up to one minute three or four times per day

* Exercise – rather than lying down when a headache strikes, try taking a short walk; the natural endorphins released relieve stress and tension

I always remind my clients that these remedies have more power when you are practicing them all the time, not just at the onset of symptoms. Make them a regular part of your daily self-care routine for best results.

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