Mindful Ways To Relieve Stress Now


Mindful Ways To Relieve Stress Now

It is pretty much a given that everyone has stress in their lives.

Modern life requires us to handle enormous amounts of stress on a daily basis. We accept it as an unavoidable part of life, but the truth is that we don’t have to be so stressed out. Stress is an option, not a requirement, and it’s within your power to banish it for good.

Stress doesn’t just happen to us. It is the result of how we react to our thoughts about the past or the future. When we review the past, we judge all of the things we could have changed or prevented; we replay the things we would like to repeat because they were so enjoyable. If it was good, we want more of that; if it wasn’t good, we try to avoid it at all costs in the future.

So then, we anticipate the future and all of the things we’re either trying to avoid or desperately orchestrating in our favor, and we can’t help but attach a certain amount of our past experiences to it. We take the undesirable stuff from the past and project it into a future situation, all the while exaggerating it out of proportion; then take the stuff we liked about the past and desperately try to re-create it, but always falling short no matter how hard we try.

What is missing in all of that craziness is the present moment. You know, right now. Now – it’s truly the only moment you’ll ever have, and you should show up for it. The silly thing is that we have built up what we think the present moment should be in our minds and when we finally arrive, we find it unsatisfactory in some way. Then, if the present moment is undesirable or unfixable, we try to escape it, causing stress in the process.

Living in the present moment is the antidote to stress. It is so easy to just zone out during our days, going through the motions of life, but not really enjoying it. This is where stress begins. You get lost in your thoughts, and pretty soon the anxiety creeps in and whatever pleasure is available to you in the present is wiped away. Practice being mindful in your daily life, and watch the stress disappear.

Active Mindfulness

* daily tasks – it’s possible to really love doing each and every item on your to-do list; enjoy the bubbles while you wash dishes or appreciate how good you feel after mowing the lawn, rather than dreading the task at hand

* yoga – a perfect way to gently release stress and bring your thoughts to your body and the present moment; practice a few times per week to maintain the benefits

* walking – take a break and go outside, get some fresh air, move around and gain some perspective; a brisk walk can clear your head of anxiety and make you feel more capable to face the challenges of the day

* baths – relaxing after a busy day is a wonderful way to thank your body and mind for all they do; soak in the warmth and watch your worries wash away

* essential oils – mix a few drops of lavender, bergamot, and sandalwood in a small amount of massage cream and let the scent melt your stress and lift your mood

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